Finally My First Ever 5* Hunter!! !

by PoNie05 posted Aug 31, 2019


I never actually wanted this hunter at first.. I was too stuck for Lily Lyla, Genovia, Mary n so on.. Bt I dunno what I had against him.. Bt then there was this "water bottle event" Going on & since I'm up for every event I eventually got a Windblade Costume, but the delimma was; i wasn't having a Windblade.. So i wanted this character eventually bt yet not coz I liked him or something. Then one fine day, as I was playing through the Missions, there was a chapter of "Finding Hermes". But to my surprise to do that, first you gotta defeat Windblade, who challenges you outta nowhere.. That's when I really got hooked into these Hunter.. Now I wanted it even more..

And then after great preseverance, I finally get it, through a *3 & *4 scroll puller.. & immediately started to train it.. N now finally Advanced it to a 5* [teary eyes]..

No My First lucky 4* wasn't Windy, it was Geranium. . Even the second was Geranium too.. N I worked onto my first lucky batch of hunters i.e; Nene, Geranium, Bright, Crocus, Bibi until this very date.. Yet my first 5* was "Windy the Wanderer" [Teary eyed again]. And now I dunno which jewels would be perfect for him. . Lol.