Important Apology

by Philosopher posted Sep 22, 2019
My last post was a joke that I revisited after reading the post below this one when one player told me it seemed suspicious. Apparently some whale was hacked the same day. Honestly, I don't wish bad on anyone. And I am here to apologize if I somehow affected any whale player in a negative way. I only want humor and happiness. I will not be continuing memes against whales for a while. Instead, I will be posting memes that target everyone as a whole. Also, I was almost banned because my post made me seem like I was an accomplice. Please everyone do not create more turmoil for the community. Every action has a reaction. And if posting meme team jokes in forum is going to get me banned, I don't want to do it. I hope this gets solved and no player gets wrongfully punished for another player(?)/hacker's troll. I wish the victim great luck for all future rng based games played since I am powerless in this matter. Again, [suspiciously looks around and bites nails] I'm innocent! Locke has the money not me!