Clara for Blustone

by Trialed posted Oct 30, 2019
This topic really isn't talked about much but why doesn't Clara have a charcther built yet? We already have Beckhen, also we just got Audrey and Guiv. Id love to see Clara as a playable characther.

She seems like a Red Defense to me and have Schumann come in as her "Activation by Chance" ability. Like, I would love to see her throw like 5 paper airplanes (Mail), then the last one by chance, catches on fire by Schumann's fuel and just explode.

This was the dumbest thing I''ve ever thought of but it was worth a shot at trying. A lot of characthers are missing outfits and a lot of characthers seem to be missing and I would love to see them included.

Sorry for wasting your time with this sh*tpost! Thanks.