Scar is someone who shares similar fates with Captain [Ongoing Hypothesis]

by Philosopher posted Dec 10, 2019



He beat Westfield and through reading his fates he is the strongest man of Midgard. He is afraid of who he once was and has no memory of his past. Scar is not Sylvester but may be related to Bibi..another human that was raised in the artic before coming to Midgard. When he sees Levi, he is saddened, meaning he has met her or a machine similar to her in the past referring to Calibur who is an android or Mary who came from the organization that is related to Levi, says fates. If anyone has more information on Scar by tying up the fates from others, comment down below. His identity will be discovered. And NO! He is not Sylvester! Though he reminds Sylvester of his younger self, maybe referring to someone that Sylvester was or met in the past.
This is the very last quote of Scar’s personal fate bonus while he speaks to Levi

Conclusion: Scar and Genovia were once friends but Scar’s memory was wiped so he doesn’t remember her, saddening him whenever he sees machines or machine related people And it’s easy to conclude Scar is around Genovia’s age so it would make sense. Also since Genovia was apart of Vincent’s squad that terrorized Midgard. It could be he felt betrayed when she left and Levi is a reminder of that.

But who do you think Scar is?