[4☆ REQUEST ISSUE] We need your help!

by Apaya posted Dec 23, 2019

Hello guys! This is Apaya from the Korean BS community!


Let me explain what this issue is and how you guys can help us to make the BS greater again!


-- What is the issue?


Many Korean users thought that the new 4☆ hunters are not appearing from the 4☆ requests.


The new 4☆ hunters are the 4☆ hunters that are not included in 4☆ selection request, such as Junia, Lawrence, Monica, Blondie, and Westfield.


A Korean BS player, Zsub, has been collecting the result of 4☆ request and it shows reasonable data that this issue is true!


However, Zsub is still willing to collect more data to back up his claim.


-- How can we support?


This is serious issue for all of us. To make more reasonable and better data, please send your result of using 4☆ requests during this Chrismas event to Zsub.


If you used 4☆ requests but forgot the result, no worries. You can find them by going to the Hunter Gym and press the recently button on the top to see the past results.


Thank you for the cooperation and let's make the BS greater again!



Merry Chrismas and have a wonderful day!