New Chat System

by EVANESCERE posted Mar 20, 2020
Hey. I’m here to discuss something very important. This needs to happen. I along with others were in global chat having a fun session. Then some older player joined and complained. It took away the fun then their friends joined in and basically started a conversation over ours and ruined what we were discussing. Sure we could go to a different channel, but it feels like going to the bathroom just for someone else to barge in. It’s uncomfortable and kind of annoying. I understand they didn’t like our conversation, but it’s rude to tell someone to go to another channel when all are entitled the same right. Since the players I was chatting with are from my server, can we go back to dividing the servers. I don’t think new players and old players can get along without one changing their values. If what we new players do annoy the old players, I’d rather we have separate servers to chat on. At least make the global chat and server chat separate.