Anemone + Anemone Mirage Ruins

by Ehrny posted Jul 05, 2020

I don't think it's very fair to have Anemone + Little General Anemone on the same team in mirage ruins, especially when we as players can't do it ourselves normally or even with other units like Summer Bella and normal Bella, as well as Teresa and Halloween Teresa and so on.

Furthermore, combinations like two enemy Anemones on an enemy defense team for PvE isn't fun to play against. I'm not thinking "What strategy should I evolve to get past them?" or "What combination of units are best to handle this?". I'm thinking "How fast can I just get through mirage ruins?" because after a year and a half of doing it, my brain is on autopilot and I'm leaving this on auto for 10-15 minutes. Especially when both Anemone can force swap and attain immunity to debuffs, it's very unsatisfying to fight against and just becomes a matter of stalling and waiting and waiting until I can next use my skill, coupled with the self-healing from the random 4th skill just further lengthens the time to defeat the team and amplifies how annoying the duo can become. Blustone used to be a game about fast-paced fighting and lots of tapping, that's what it's even advertised for on the app store that brought me in, but ironically enough we have these skills designed to stall the gameplay and keep fights unnecessarily longer. Keeping me here for longer doesn't make it more fun, it just means I'm being kept here longer.

I was edging on thinking this is a bug, but proceeding many of VisualShower's late implementations and game design choices I believe this is no error, but rather one of many flaws in the game that should be addressed.