We need new content, and fast!!

by DC7 posted Jul 02, 2021

Hello:) I run the Realest guild in Alfheimr server, and we just lost our strongest player because there isn't enough stuff to do and that there hasn't been an update for 3 months!

And he's not the only one, many people are leaving Blustone because of this.

We need new content, because if don't get it, Blustone will eventually die since our top players aren't playing anymore.

So, I've come to write this because I wanted to help create awareness about this and incourage you to go to the support area and make all your opinions heard about what you think this game needs.

And maybe then can we see this game thrive!

P.S. everyone don't forget to buy packs and in game content if you can to help bring funds to Blustone, also don't forget to tell friends and other people you know and whom you think might like this game to play it, simply because the less there are playing the less likely we'll have a game to play in.

Thank you:)