2000 days

by 카이엔페퍼 posted Aug 30, 2022



Long time ago,

I was waiting for new episode of White Island and Beyond the Bounds.
One day I heard that VS just released a new game.
So, I joined the game, Blustone, for killing time.


Actually I never had played a game like mmorpg with arena.

It was hard to adjust to BS first time.

But the illustration of this game was good, so I could tough it out.


A user said that an F2P user would get Vincent if he could wait over 4 years.(!!)

And I thought 'no way. I don't believe I can wait that long!'


Well, LOL, I have just punched the clock 2000 times.

5 years have passed since then.


I remember many people. Some guys are still with me, some guys were gone now.

I attended two official BS meeting, and a guild house party. I miss it.


Now I wish you guys(my friends, other users, and the staffs of VS) happiness.

Thank you.