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[Notice] Blustone Pre-Release Info   [47]

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    Hiya! :)


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    Hello BluStone players!
    Welcome! You are currently playing an exclusive Early Access version of VisualShower’s latest game, Blustone.

    What is Early Access?
    VisualShower believes in providing a service that grows by listening to our user feedback instead of a closed service. Therefore, we’ve decided to give limited game access to one special country. We really appreciate the feedback you provide us. As a result, we hope you take advange of the special Early Access period!

    What do I need to do?
    Don’t overthink it!
    Simply play the game, and become a part of our team as we develop and improve our game. What issues have you experienced while playing Blustone? Were there any parts that you really liked? Any opinions you have while playing Blustone will be taken into account in order to improve it! Please feel free to leave any feedback you have. Of course, you’re also welcome to simply play the game!

    When will Blustone be officially released?
    When the time comes, Blustone’s Early Access service will come to an end and open up as an officially released game. But don’t worry! All of your game history played during the Early Access period will be saved, and you will be able to continue to play after it is officially released. You won’t even need to redownload the app! Simply continue playing once the official version is released.

    Thanks in advance for all your feedback and help towards making Blustone a better game.
    Thank you!!

    • Seventales 2017.04.19 14:48
      Please add the following:
      - Pause function
      - Mute function for sounds
      - Auto direct the screen to the recent accessed map when accessing the map
      - An indicator in the hunter icon if the hunter is maxed (if it is available for advance)
      - A red dot for the hunter that I can skill upgrade in the gym.

      Also, I got a bug when I get my fuel, sometimes the screen goes black and nothing happens.
    • VSpang 2017.04.19 17:42
      Hi Seventales, thank you for your awesome feedback! We would appreciate any feedback or opinions or our Feedback section of the forums. The bug you have encountered will be patched on version 0.9.9, which is to be released later today. If you have further bug issues, please let us know in the Support section of our forums. Thank you for your interest!
    • VSpang 2017.04.20 14:12
      Hey Seventales, our developers have replied they have all your suggested features on their todo list. Thank you again for your cherished feedback :)
    • Seventales 2017.05.15 01:53
      Sounds great!
    • -Devine- 2017.05.15 08:15
      Hi VSpang i registered for Pre-release gifts but i never got a code not anything -.- Please help
    • VSpang 2017.05.15 17:05
      Hello, your pre-registration code should arrive by the end of today. We apologize for the delay due to the number of pre-registrations. Please let us know if this issue persists after the next couple days! Thank you.
    • Oreh 2017.05.15 17:14
      Good game so far
    • Casildor 2017.05.15 18:16
      Hey guys, thanks for making such a great game, the art style is amazing, the game play doesnt get boring, no matter how long you play for and it is really easy to get into, these are some improvements that i believe will help
      - add more music or a section in the options that allows you to change the tune
      - decrease the wait time for battle tokens, this is far too long and guts me and others when we lose ranks and cant push back due to having no tokens
      - allow players to view skill details when recruiting characters, even if it just the name of the skill
      Thats all i can think of, keep up the good work
    • FirstKill 2017.05.15 21:28
      More hunters?
    • Vaan 2017.05.15 21:55
      I'm honestly loving this game. I'm glad I can play it sooner rather then​ later!
    • Avgeropoulos 2017.05.16 00:22
      Enjoying it! Can't wait to see where this game will end up in future (:
    • Heishi 2017.05.16 01:46
      I would like to see a favorite system added, so you can set hunters as favorites, so they don't show up as training partners.
    • AlexBitsadze 2017.05.16 02:22
      When I try to navigate in newsfeed a sign up page pops up sometimes. Need to reopen the app.
    • SweetBanana 2017.05.16 08:23
      This game is awesome
    • Howel 2017.05.18 06:11
      It really is awesome!
    • Koshira 2017.05.16 10:03
    • Koshira 2017.05.16 10:07
      Awesome :)
    • Gooniez 2017.05.16 13:35
      Very cool game love the sound tracks
    • ROBBO3882 2017.05.16 14:27
      How do I use my code
    • VSpang 2017.05.19 17:20
      Hello, please 1) select the top left "Event" icon in town, 2) select the "Pre-registration" banner, 3) submit your code, then 4) claim your rewards in the "Special Supplies" tab in the Hunter Supply Station. Please let us know if you have any additional questions!
    • Star9981 2017.05.16 19:49
      O nice!
      A small suggestion: I realized the fuel on the bottom right is the time limit, but it would really help if we could see the time in seconds too.
      Another thing is that it would be great if we could have a faster way to see our units (no need to go through the 'train' menu to see them).
    • Howel 2017.05.18 06:10
      I agree.
    • VSpang 2017.05.18 17:33
      Hello, thank you for your suggestions! We have informed our developers of your adding "seconds" comment. We will be adding an inventory option in the future so that you can view all the items and characters you own. Thank you for your feedback!
    • UYU 2017.05.16 20:12
    • Seventales 2017.05.16 21:13
      By the way how to get codes?
    • VSpang 2017.05.19 17:21
      Hello, please post in the Support section if you have pre-registered before May 13th and have not received your pre-registration code. Please provide the information you have submitted to pre-register in your post as well. Thank you!
    • Polokun 2017.05.17 02:05
      Will more characters be available soon?
    • MongoBjj 2017.05.17 03:05
      How do you renew cupon?
    • Mugetsu 2017.05.17 06:50
      A much more in depth tutorial would be helpful. Didn't know how to switch my pvp team. Learned on my own
    • VSpang 2017.05.19 17:22
      Thank you for your feedback! We'll be sure to let our developers know about your comment.
    • Kale 2017.05.17 08:05
    • cinnabuntun 2017.05.18 05:24
      At times I'm not able to type into the chat or even forums. I've tapped the button but it's unresponsive. Is there a way to fix that?
    • Howel 2017.05.18 06:12
      Yes, I experience the same thing.
    • VSpang 2017.05.19 17:23
      Hi cinnabuntun, we apologize for the inconvenience. Can you confirm if this issue occurs after updating the game to v1.0.1.0? Thank you!
    • Howel 2017.05.18 06:07
      Well done guys, it's my first day playing and I'm already hooked! Such an awesome game!
    • Kaex 2017.05.18 11:58
      Wow, didn't knew that the game is still in the pre-release stage. The music is awesome but I believe that the game needs more in game guide or maybe I just need to advance more into the stage to unlock more guides i.e. why does the 'healthbar' decrease when the mobs doesn't even touch me or is there anyway to rank up the units i.e. 1 star to 2 star to 3 star etc.
    • VSpang 2017.05.18 17:37
      Hi Kaex, we apologize some things were not made clear. The damage you take is based on as time goes on, the enemy's attack, your character's defense, and the enemy's and your character's elemental attributes. You can rank up to the next Hunter Grade by leveling up to four "dots" you see next to your stars. Then you can go to the Hunter Gym to advance your character. Be aware that the character you use in your advancement match will be spent (i.e. sacrificed). Please let us know if you have any questions about the game feature in the Tips section of the forums! Thank you.
    • Tsukishima 2017.05.18 12:01
    • Caetki 2017.05.18 18:59
      I have pre-registered but it was not captured! How do I get the codes?
    • VSpang 2017.05.19 17:23
      Hi Caetki, please post in the Support section of the forums with the information you have submitted to pre-register. Please check your spam folder as well if you've pre-registered with your email. Thank you!
    • Algernon 2017.05.18 22:00
      Please add the following:

      - ability to long-press items collected at the end of battles to see their names and what their uses are
    • VSpang 2017.05.19 17:18
      Hi Algernon, this feature has been suggested to our developers and they have been looking into adding it in the future. Thank you for your feedback!
    • Thank 2017.05.19 02:00
    • Kuhn 2017.05.19 02:54
      I never recieved my pre-registration code
    • VSpang 2017.05.19 17:23
      Hello Kuhn, please post in the Support section of the forums with the information you have submitted to pre-register. Please check your spam folder as well if you've pre-registered with your email. Thank you!
    • BlackMaiden 2017.05.19 06:51
      Great game so far
    • DerpScout 2018.07.17 02:14
      A random comment .-.

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