An open letter

by AlanAnthony posted Nov 21, 2021
This game makes me so sad now. But I dont want it to. I guess this is just a post of my thoughts. Feel free to add your own.
I was so excited for the awakening mechanic. It seemed like such a good idea to add new life to the old one and two star characters! I just want to see more done with it... all these new forms and art!! Then we got Genovia and then.... nothing? Several broken events later, we are all just mad and maybe a little sad at this game and its developers.
I think most of us agree that we should get the rest of the 1* and 2* characters awakened before we move on, right?
I dont know. Maybe this is just kindve a selfish plea for any amount of new content to be added in game. Personally, the events just dont interest me anymore, and it seems like they are the only "engaging" aspect of the game right now. Guilds are dying, fight club can be quite the mess, and our promised "new threat" doesn't seem to be all that close or threatening anymore.
I really like this game. I dont want it to die.