Spam fights

by -アレス- posted Apr 11, 2021
Ik this has been mentioned before, but i think it needs to be mentioned again.
Right now the strategy in FC is legit to whale and hoard thousands of tickets, spending them all in a weeks time to gain first for a few seasons. This kinda defeats the competitive aspect of FC, a lot of whales hardly even seem to care about building epic strategic teams because at the end of the day if you have a good offense and a lot of tix anything is possible. This is especially true as Vincent teams can easily defeat most defense, giving whales an easy way out. For other players though, this is particularly challenging as many times we will be fought 20+ times in an hour or 2. Most us simply don’t have the ticket output to keep up, even if we pour a lot of effort into our teams. There is no competition, just spam :/