Ok, This is just ridiculous

by Joshiesaurus posted May 13, 2021
So after update came out some IPhone users weren't able to log into the game due to crashes. To be fair to VS, they were quick to release a fix for that, HOWEVER in the process broke it in the same way for some Android users and it took a day for that fix to come out. As if that breaking it twice in quick succession wasn't bad enough, this morning they released yet ANOTHER update that broke the game for those same people yet again. This time making you get stuck on a screen that says "a new update is now available" when there isn't one. Not even 24 hours after fixing the last issue you broke it once again.

"We will make sure to pay more attention to prevent the same issue from happening again in the future" my ass, if you actually paid attention this wouldn't happen anywhere near this often. Stop breaking the game completely with every update!

This is just ridiculous, who else agrees?