Blustone meeting in Korea!

by YIBAMBE posted Mar 24, 2021



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I'm Korean user.

I'm not good at English but plz understand me.

2020. Oct. Blustone has meeting in Korea.

So I want to share with users from other countries.

1. Wakening

Vincent, Lapis, Captain

Everyone knows about this update, so I'll skip.

2. Guild Raid

The purpose of the update is to reduce fatigue in combat with other guilds.

But the update is getting really late ㅠㅠ...

The main purpose is to defeat the final boss.

No defensive deployment is required in a raid.

The attack method is the same.

The raid is scheduled to run every other week.

For example, if you raid this week, you will fight other guilds next week.

The information I received at the meeting was very little.

I'm so sorry T.T

3. Fishing system ☆

I received a small amount of information about fishing, but I'll tell you all about it.

The bait will be integrated into one thing. I think the existing bait will be rewarded with Lupee.
( Sorry. I don't know gamemoney at english.)

You can get the bait through daily quests.

Fishing rewards allow you to receive better items than before.

many Lupees (5,000 ~ 100,000)
Metron crystal (is this right word?)
☆3,4 request

and other items.

Also, it only takes a few seconds to fish.

In addition to this, I heard about various updates, but it will take more time, so I will only do it here.

Thanks for reading my post.

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*ps. My community emblem was only given to meeting participants.

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