I'm stuck on level 455, and level 460, please help!

by CaptainClock posted Mar 31, 2021
Hello everyone, I am having problems getting past level 455 and level 460, I've managed to somehow get 2 stars on level 455 but I can't get all 3 stars on that one because I end up either losing a team mate or two or I run out of time (when I got the 2 stars initially I lost 3 team mates but managed to beat the clock with 35 seconds left) but I can't get 3 stars on it no matter what team arrangement I have, I have about 15 5* fully transcended fully leveled up characters plus 3 awakened (2 of them fully awakened) characters that are partially leveled up (the highest leveled one is level 10) and I just cant get past level 455 3 stars, and it's the same with level 460 except with that one I cant get past it period.

Anyone have any party arrangements that they found to be especially usefully in getting past those two stages with 3 stars?

Thanks for your help.