Robin conspiracy fan fic prologue Story Before The Story pt1 2018 avril 27

by Mumbai posted Apr 27, 2018
an: most of this will be edited later
"Robin stay back! We have to work together! You can't beat black dragon alone."
Robin"Hmph. It is unwise to underestimate my knife. ITS POWER HAS NO LIMIT! HAAAAA!!"
Robin charges at black dragon, he doesn't even put a dent in him. He manages to jump back before the dragon could snap at him. Hermes launches a fireball at the beast but it only changes its attention. There is turmoil all around.. dead bodies, debris from destroyed buildings, raging flamboyant flames everywhere and overall just terror. Some of the greatest warriors from all of midguard are fighting in this battle. Even some of the ice wolf clans who are currently at odds with most of midguard and internal conflict amongst themselves for power have came to aid in Midguard's greatest threat.
Robin "LET'S GOOO!!!! I'M ALL IN!!"
The formidable beast blows flame at Robin but Robin slice through it with his knife then charges. Black Dragon charges.. they both hurdle at eachother and it was at this moment that Robin realized he was fucked.