Just A Suggestion

by Kierson posted Dec 23, 2018
I recently began playing Blustone on the Alfheim server, and have been able to stay relatively close to the top of FC rankings, meaning that as I continue to get stronger, I get a lot of manda from FC. However, it feels like the stronger I get, the harder it becomes to get 3* units ftom lottery mouse. When I started the game, almost every 10+1 summon would give atleast two 3* hunters, but recently I just spent 1200 manda on 10+1 summons without a single 3*, which was super frustrating. It feels like now that I'm stronger, the only way to get a 3* is through guarenteed scrolls, and you can forget about ever getting a 4*. I have spent a little bit of money to support the game before, but I can promise that I won't be spending any more if all I get is a bunch of lousy 1* and 2* units. My suggestion is that you make every 10+1 summon have a guarenteed 3* instead of a guarenteed 2*. This would make it seem like I wasn't getting robbed everytime I used the 10+1 option, and might encourage me to spend money on the game again. There are so many 3*s and even 4*s at this point, that I don't think this change would really effect the balance of the game much at all.

Captain Kierson