Robin : The story before the story pt2 2018 avril 27

by Mumbai posted Apr 27, 2018
Black Dragon and Robin just hurdled at eachother and at this moment Robin reallised he fycked up.

Darkness? I can't see anything... oh.
Robin opens his eyes....It truly was darkness. He is in a complete state of calmness and tranquility. He notices a tiny beam of light growing gradually and then notices that he was floating. First confusion, then rage he snapped out his state of peace and his emotions becomes volatile.
"No. NO! This can't be. WHY DO THE NICE GUYS ALWAYS FINISH LAST!" Robin starts to sob. His voice breaking, " I- I was suppose to- suppose to be the hero this time... why can't i ever win? Why couldn't i survive.. All my life I've never gotten to live.. I'd only survived. Its not fair.. IT'S NOT FAIR! For once something good was going to happen for me. I would've been somebody, everyone knew me and if i had beaten the dragon i would had finally made it big. I would've had a place to live and a bed to sleep on. I would've been rich! I would had been a hero! WHY DID I HAVE TO DIE?! IT'S NOT FAIR!! i can't be going to heaven because THERE IS NO GOD!"
"Calm down, quit your yakking, don't get in a paddy. Keep your pecker up and grow a willy, would ya?"
Robin flinches,"Who Who said that?" He's frantically glancing around."
Out of the darkness Robin sees two beams of dim light. One glowing red. Then a well dressed boy comes out of the darkness. One of his eyes were red.
"They call me Ciel."

an: i will edit later and also thinking about changing Robin's name (I'll bring it back later). This is just 'the story' before the story. if you actually read all of this leave a like and fine feedback please and thank you :)