The Story of Emoji: A New Beginning

by Iノー_ーIノ posted May 02, 2018
I've been living my life normally. I didn't have goals or anything. I just lived carefree and in the moment.
9a.m. :(alarm goes off) "Ah!" I hit the alarm and searched lifted my covers. What I noticed was a large issue. "Why today!? I don't even remember my dream." I turned to my left where my drawers we're and pulled out the first thing I saw. I got dressed in a wrinkled white tee with a yellow pee stain. My boner gave me trouble with putting on my pants, but after a few attempts, I was somewhat dressed. "I'm coming!" Knocks were beating on my mom's front door. I put on some socks and shoes then rushed out my room. Avoiding the bathroom, I opened the front Doo with regret. In the back of my mind I kept questioning if I should have put on some deodorant to ease the scent of a teen boy who had been up all night watching- "uhm.." I cleared my throat and saw looked ahead and saw the legendary Captain that survived an attack against the wanted Vincent. I was too embarrassed of not brushing my teeth and decided not to speak. He offered me an invitation to join his team, and I became puzzled. Many things were going through my head, but at the moment, I knew I had to become a hunter. My name is Emoji, and this is my story of how I became the savior of Midgard.
1p.m. :As I headed out the front door, I smirked. I was finally washed and ready for an adventure. I headed up there hill towards Hunter's Academy. As I started walking, I reached in my small pouch and pulled out my invitation and map. "Hehe. I just need to make sure I didn't forget anything." As I happily started skipping, some person in a hood swiped my tickets and ran towards the market place. I sighed. "This is what happens when I get my hopes up." Before completely doubting myself, I smacked my cheeks. "GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF!" I chased the thief into a dark alley but was ambushed and beaten senseless until I fainted.
Evening: "Where am I?" I faintly whispered. I could hear laughing in the background. When I awakened, I was in a cage. Just then, someone shouted to me from the other side of the bars. "Oh so you're finally awake? Now we can start our training." Still half sleep, I dragged myself closer to the bars trying to get a clear view of the person addressing me. It was the Captain. He forced a smile and a apologized. "I didn't think that my buddy would kidnap you." I froze in fear. "No. Don't think like that. It's more like I asked him to recruit someone new but..." Captain's face became gloomy. "Well how about you join my team." I wasn't sure how to feel. I had been kidnapped, but I had the goal of joining Captain's squad.This was my golden opportunity, even if shady. I decided to accept. "I'll do it!" I firmly stood up and faced Captain with a serious face. "Now get me outta this cell!"
Nightfall: (Someone assassinated Captain and gently kidnapped Emoji in his sleep)
The Next Morning: "I awakened and..."