PTS Vincent: Sunny

by PTS-Vincent posted Oct 09, 2018
Vincent and Levi had a daughter by the name, Min Sun. She was given up to an orphanage in a deserted island. She was raised by Ji Hoon Han until she was 16. By this time, she was guided by a few others with her escape from the deserted place. A month went by and she found herself in a snowy plain. She ran into a wolf child that rode a silver wolf. Min and the wolf child glared at each other with the intent of murder. At that moment,a blizzard clouded Min's vision and the wolf ran off with the little girl. Min fainted and awoke the next day to a hooded figure. She then was bagged and dragged to an unknown village. This place was called Midgard. When she was unbagged, an illegal trade had taken place. A man with a shady smirk glared at her with lust in his eyes and laughed quietly before introducing himself as her new owner. "My name is Locked and I own you. Now get to work. Time is money." Sunny was confused and hadn't understood what was happening. Locke dragged the girl by her tall baggy green shirt, which was all she was wearing, to a clothing store. "Time to get you your new uniform."