Suggestion: friend list lock

by CrySec posted Oct 20, 2018
Hello fellow players,

In regards to PTS-Vincent's post asking for suggestions, I want to suggest the idea of a lock function, quite similar to the lock function in the hunter gym, but in the friend list. That way the times of accidentally deleting friends will be over, while ruin hunters etc can be deleted and re-added easily.

I imagine that it will only prevent you from deleting your friend as long as you activated the lock function on that user, your friend can still delete you if they haven't locked you as well.

Please share your opinion on this suggestion in the comments and give this post a like if you'd like to see the function implemented/forwarded to VS.

Thank you for your attention, have a nice day!

Edit: As Jng suggested, it would be nice if the new friend list included showing the current leader (co-op hunter) of the friends.