The Hidden Truth Part 1

by Guildmaster posted Nov 27, 2018

Born in Midgard, she lived her life as a coffee rabbit that resided in Alfhiemr. By her 3rd bithday, an incident happened that seperated her from her mother. The last thing she had from her mother was an acoustic guitar. Hermes, her father, had delivered it to her. But she was young and grew older without the care of her original mother. Hermes cared for his daughter and wanted her to have a mother in her life, so he ended up remarrying someone who became her stepmother. This step-mother was named Denali.

    Denali wasn't your favorite type of mom. She had an obsession to cleanliness. This was the opposite of her daughter. She loved nature and music. She had been overseas much of her life due to her father and was used to a little filth. She became someone who played lovely melodies for the world and sang with nature. She was listening to birds chipping and met a weird bunch of young wolves around her age. "HEY YOU!" Balian yelled at her. "What's your name? I'm Balian and this here is my bud Pansy." Pansy turned to Balian and silently whispered, "I don't like people. Let's go." Pansy dragged away Balian and the young coffee rabbit yelled "Brucella" while the two wolfboys walked away. Brucella went back to singing melodies to the birds and could sense someone nearby. "RAWR!" A young wolfgirl jumped out from behind some bushes and pinned down Brucella. "Momma....Pwey!" Brucella laughed and rolled on top of the wolfgirl. "Heya! Whatcha name?" The wolfgirl began crying and a bear roared in the background. The two became startled, got up together, held hands, and ran out of the forest and back into the city of Alfheimr.