[Guild] Usatsune - Looking for peoples. So far we have 3 Rofl.

by UsagiEri posted Dec 01, 2018

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Usatsune Information

Usatsune, is a play on japanese words, "Usagi / Rabbit" and "Kitsune / Fox". I love rabbits, and my significant other likes foxes. One day we decided to mix the two names together to form this creature of a name. 

Thus Usatsune was born and the start of a new adventure has begun. - We are a DnD (Kinda) type of group looking for more members to roll some dice with. Looking for that next Legendary who will overpower the UT server. Also looking for many people to have fun and play Jackbox Party Pack 1~5 with and other crazy games.


All honesty we are just looking for people to play and have fun with. If your with a guild or not  the tenth rule of UT is to Have fun and Enjoy your stay Here. Other then that we are widely open to New, Old, FC Club Fanatics. That or if you are just visiting from another guild feel free to join the Discord everyone is invited.


(More to construct soon)

 For those who don't know me in game. I am Eridonis The Butler -

                                        Or Usagi Eri to most. I will be your Sub-Leader, in Blustone 

                                          the pleasure is mine. I hope you will have a splendid time.


                                                                     (Heres a button to the Discord)