One Commission finished!/Halloween art dump!

by DreamerofTime posted Oct 30, 2018






I finshed the Lapis art! If you aren't satisfied, tell me what is wrong,and I'll try to fix it.
On a spookier note,I did a Halloween Witch Riko chibi :) pictured below with ththe Jack Lantern and Witchy Denali.
Heeeey,anyone reading this who has LINE WEBTOON as an app and recived a notifications somewhat like Unknown Caller:some calls you shouldn't answer along with a request for camera access, DO NOT GRANT IT. IF YOU READ THROUGH THE LATEST EPISODE AS OF OCTOBER 30,2018,YOU WILL BE SCARED SHIETLISS. Prepare yourself. Keep ya sound off or very low. I was on Webtoon at 2:00 this morning and screeched some words I'm not supposed to say. So...yeah. Enjoy the chibi.