Possible new hunter idea

by YuutoKazaki posted Jul 30, 2018
I've got an idea. Y'all know the annoyance of fighting enemies with immunity? Well here's an idea:
The gunslinger, Ty
A natural 4 star hunter
Specializes in shattering def and immunity. His ability normally would increase a hunters chance of armor pentration. On chance, the current attacking hunter will be have a chance to penetrate immunity with normal attacks, but only 33% chance but each attack will be double damage and crit regardless of chance. Getting him will be hard but we all know immunity is annoying to fight against and hey it'll be a good counter to beckhen.
Appearance wise: modern cowboy, like simple dress shirt and tie with a duster his weapon is a revolver.
His story: just kinda showed up and wanted to become hunter.
Story is up to whatever but he becomes friends with scar.
Character type: The big brother of everyone ya know that kind of person.
Tell me if this would be a cool hunter to have
Sadly I can't draw so I don't have art sorry guys...
Message me if you have any ideas to make him better.