Once upon a time..

by PTS-Vincent posted Apr 08, 2019
I was sitting in a foldable chair with a bag of potato chips. *munch munch* A war was on the rise. Not just any war. It was a civil war between 'Bloop' and 'Bleep.' But I had no clue what was happening so I just kept munching. *munch munch* Fireworks began going off as I thought to myself, "Look at the colorful lights." *munch munch* Vincent appeared out of nowhere and sucker punched me. *oof* I dropped my chips and flinched. When I looked up, Vincent had disappeared with my chips. "Vincent! This isn't over! Wait...I'm Vincent. What!? A doppelganger!?" I was sidetracked for a couple of seconds then remembered that I had a spare bag of BBQ potato chips. I opened a new bag and began munching on my chips as the civil war continued in the background. As I continued watching, I heard the crumbling of paper. Vincent had returned with an empty bag of chips. He looked at me and said, "Hand over the chips." We began our stare off with one another. Who shall prevail? Why is there two Vincent's? What's the Bloop and Bleep war? Will these questions ever be answered?
To be continued... (Never to be continued)