Design me a oc for Art! ( Contest )

by NatCatt posted Nov 22, 2018
I was thinking about hosting one of these, and I’ve been looking for some new ocs so I’m willing to make art for the person that makes me the oc That kinda best fits the description that I would want!

Needs: preferably female!, furry/ human-animal hibreed ( rabbits are my favorite but any animals are fine!), and they have a calm,sleepy, or shy personality!

If you would like to enter, just put “ Natts Oc Design Contest” on the subject and put the entry, and who you/ what you would want me to draw if you win! I will be choseing. 2- 4 winners and they will get a choice between colored digital art or traditional art colored with copics!

Note: I’m doing this on here because I have no social media apps ;; but hopefully some of you all would like to do do this! If you would like to join please tell me so in the comments! Its ok if you are worried about the quality of your art, for me it’s the design that counts!