Edit: fragments to crystals

by 빈신 posted Apr 15, 2019
Wouldn't it make sense to be able to make metron crystals once you have enough fragments. I have 2K of metron fragments that are going into skills and nothing else. Or could we use them for our guilds so it feels more inclusive for both? Just my thoughts and opinions.

Edit: for example metrons can put into a pool like what we do with rupees, thus will be used for guilds hunters to have a 0.2% more atk or defense or resistance or speed just something to enhance the hunters without using rupees (since the rupees are being used for making midgard more "convenient" saving time and money in areas. Or possibly more metron fragments (in this pool just like rupees) would attract stronger hunters so L mouse will have 2* hunters or higher during a happy hour, caused by so many metrons. More metrons accumulated before happy hour higher chances of a 3* or 4* hunter