Ya up to da challenge? ^^

by Senpaii_daddy posted May 24, 2019
Hey guys first off:im back, sorry for all the horrible things ive done to some of u guys...second: i have a challenge for you all, get one hero (existing or new to your roster) and make that hero 3* - 4*, then add both one of your bombers and one of your healers and put those 4 in a cruis team, see how far you can get without losing...also you have to start at level 1 (team example: im using lapis 4*, diana 4*, and pansy 4*)
Either make a forum page or reply how far you got

P.S. if you lose before level 40-45 you are disqualified


btw if you do this challenge i love you have a good rest of your life and god bless u