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Gosh new hunter but you know what no chat still?!   [13]

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    Blustone? More like buggedstone <.<

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    COOL BEANS VS.....

    Welp while we're on the topic if anyone has picked the new hunter then if you feel post your thoughts on chichi here if you could/want.
    Also seriously chichi, hah was someone in the creative department at VS watching dragonball super at the time of making this hunter lol.
    • Lonewolfx 2018.12.29 04:27
      Ha dragon ball super is a good anime
    • Jng 2018.12.29 04:46
      Wait what..?

      This game has chat?!?!
    • Daerson 2018.12.29 05:08
      But the question is can you eat chat tho.....
      But seriously how much longer is this going to go on for downtime here. But also why the silence from VS on why the chat is down for a second time as well. Maybe I'm swinging at air here but hey this crap is pretty annoying as is.
      So might as well fill the time with discussion on the new hunter if anyone got her yet.
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.29 08:07
      So many people forget that it is a holiday. You know, it is not very uncommon at all for people to take Christmas and New Years off. I hope they fix it soon too but it sort of is what it is sad to say.

      I am glad to see them adding more bears tho :3 interesting she is an attacker.
    • Nazure 2018.12.29 10:32
      Dedication to Polar Bear. Lets all join hand against Global Warming. Best wishes to VS. Merry xmas & happy new year hohoho OwO
    • Etheal 2018.12.29 06:22
      How dare you question VS when we have fanservice shop!
    • Daerson 2018.12.29 06:27
      Cuz I can that's why
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.29 10:21
      You know, clicking on the descriptions of her skills in the trace page, those skills seem so basic it is almost funny. Her fifth skill literally says she can do damage if she hits the target. What? Lol so it seems that bears in Blustone are simple hunters.
    • Nazure 2018.12.29 10:38
      1st skill and 5th skill deal more damage;
      similar to Latern skill 'add 2nd shot' "deal additional damage

      Happen by chance.
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.29 10:53
      Skill 4 is always the chance skill I think tho. That is why you build it up as least priority. Kinda neat tho that tyltyl is part of her 4th skill

      Funny her having that hairpin. It would be like me wearing a hairpin of myself maybe lol
    • Calludus 2018.12.29 13:44
      Now the question..

      IS CHICHI NOW END GAME... for the meantime?

      My alt got her.. damn.. why not in my main grrr..

      Anyway, she'll be the 1st hunter which 5th skill is CRITICAL DAMAGE. Well I haven't reached 5★ yet and I assume if maxed it would be like 60%..

      So her natural critical damage is 230% + 5th 60% Chichi herself + Collection Bonus 20% (assuming you got all offense hunters) + 5th 60% Diana + 5th 60% Locke = 430%... Wow?!

      4th Skill - they should give value how much that so called "Sharply Increased"... Now I assumed that would be like Attack Speed 40% and Critical Chance 25%

      Her 2nd skill yeah Stun in general. I like it but yeah they should add new variants of stuns.. like Switch Disabled means opponent can still attack but can't switch... like Bomber/Healer Disabled means negating the skill usage of supports hunters.

      Nonetheless, she'll be the most powerful paper hunter.. surpassing Bibi and Windblade..

      Chichi, Diana, Locke, Apollon, Dino..
      I can hear Mirage opponents are crying hehe.. but I don't know if in the Fight Club though..
    • Luscious-Fiend 2018.12.29 14:17
      Pretty sure you can’t switch out a stunned hunter tho
    • Tohriu 2018.12.29 15:33
      Sad... how I can't see the new hunter

      For Luscious Fiend: Oni "hunters name"

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