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Increase offense or defense strength?   [5]

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    I have returned my lovelies! Uwu hehe~

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    (had to rewrite this long a$$ post bc it crashed fml)
    Haiii there viewer, yes, you!! Kaly would love to hear your voice and advice! (or text bc we can't speak directly lawl) So I'm in a dilemma and need some fresh input! I am currently rank 1000 in fc (bc i give free points till i get stronger) and I want to get higher ofc! So what should i 5* next?More importantly, what should i focus more: continuing my offense or strengthening my defense?

    I know everyone would say "offense ofc!!", but I think my offense is renovated to an extant that it can progress in rank once I get them stronger.. but what to do you think? Does my offense need more work or can I move on to my defense? These are my current teams:

    Offense: Diana, Lantern, Hermes, Octavia, Joy
    Defense: weak 3* and one 5* (bc again i will put a strong defense once I can persevere stronger teams)

    Here are come candidates I think I should focus on depending which area of fc I focus on next...
    Offense: Pat, gull, akasha
    Defense: Kain, Sunny, Akasha, Denali

    Any hunters you consider on focusing that I didn't list or ones i listed that i should NOT focus on, Please mention ~ I would love the most input I can get! Thanx, loves ~ cheers! ♡
    • Wyatt_Harrison 2018.03.22 10:23
      I'm not going to tell you what hunters you should be focessig cause I think everyone should experiment, but you can't climb if you can't carry so you need to perfect you offence first then move to your defence though it would be better if you did your offence and defence at the same time but that's not always possible
    • Kaly-Senpai 2018.03.22 10:33
      I acknowledged that I need a strong offense first, but one of my questions asked if my offense is enough? Sorry I wrote a huge as.s post but my offense is Diana, Lant, Hermes, Oct, and joy:3 .... am I asking too much? T.T
    • ZeroSkyes36 2018.03.22 11:01
      Your offense is completely fine but it depends on how high you wanna go really, to get really high in ranks in fc it’s mostly about having a lot of fc tickets to waste after getting a strong team, but your offense team wise what I’d recommend is at least t3’ing lantern first and more than anything max out the skills on all your main heroes, as for defense, I would recommend you get a strong defense before you try and get high ranks cuz people can revenge you and I’m not sure how that works but I would assume if they win they get the same points if not more points which will end up knocking you down in ranks more than anything

      As for defense team wise I would recommend something like Athena, Edward, sunny/joy (I prefer sunny on def, heck even go for both if you want), octavia and anyone else really bomber would be best like Levi or patrone if you don’t want 2 healers. Also the reason I recommend Athena and Edward is cuz you can t2 them and they’re already 4*, if you don’t mind the extra effort the feel free to replace Edward with kain if you want, I’m not too sure as I haven’t gotten the chance to experiment with Edward a lot yet so I can’t vouch too much for him also I wouldn’t recommend replacing Athena unless it’s with nene and you can t2 her cuz it gives for a bit more elemental variety. Sunny because she heals a high amount all at once so it’s best for stalling time especially on def whereas joy would increase attack and heal over time so a bomber’s special could easily obliterate your tank while the heal over time is keeping me alive just a little and the attack boost feels a bit strange cuz tanks, they’re not meant to do high damage so it’s a bit pointless, Octavia for damage when the tanks go down or to easily beat weak team setups and a bomber cuz they normally have team passives that buffs your team or debuffs enemies, I.e Levi debuffs enemies for a lot and patrone can heal your forward hero while damaging the enemy.

      But mind you this is coming from a level 71 who likes to stay in the 2.5k-1k rankings so feel free to not take my advice if you don’t want to, no one would blame ya also sorry for the long post
    • Leonmitchelli 2018.03.22 13:14
      That's really TOTALLY surprising that you still don't have 5☆ Akasha with her increasing attack speed and invulnerable for 3 seconds. She is especially good with Lantern as teammate who increases critical rate, making her an angel of death on the battlefield.
    • Arzack 2018.03.22 23:06
      Since you already have Octavia 5*, get Athena and Kain to 5*. Both good at defense and both increase Octavia overall power. She'll get 10% increase from base power instead of 6% increase from base power currently.

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