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The Poem (Probably Not Even A Poem) I Forgot I Had   [5]

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    I LOVE DEM WOLVES! Rules: Don't pet, don't feed.

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    Personality Check

    Some people think I'm a cold-blooded, she-devil, or the rebel the everyone fears.
    People think that they know me just by looking at my face.
    It's funny how the world thinks about things.
    They just look at someone and automatically know everything about them.
    It's not like a video game guys, you can't just tap on a person and see their personality chart pop up.

    I one time saw a  boy, probably 16 or so, talking to his friends.
    All dressed up shady and dark, like a punk.
    I thought, That's gotta be a punk-boi.
    But when I leaned in closer to hear their conversation, he was actually standing up to a bully, defending a kid.
    I noticed that not all people were bad just because they looked like it.

    People think they know what people like if they know their favorite colors.
    Like red, or green.
    Red, the color of blood, or green, the color of the snake beasts.

    My favorite colors are red and black.
    Red, the color of love and passion, but in a way as not pink.
    A way as in a stronger feeling, as in, you'd do anything for that person, even fight with a sword and shield if it was a necessity.
    Black, the color that absorbs all the colors in the rainbow, but is still the darkest color of them all.
    Black hides its true colors and brightness on the outside, but is full of rainbows on the inside.
    My personality is the same way.
    If you do not know me, I act bitter and cold and often try to avoid people, but if you do know me, I can be sweet and kind, protective as well.
    "Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover."

    People, apparently, know who you are by the music you listen to.
    Like Indie, That guy's a punk.
    Pop, That person is prissy and popular.
    Rap, That person is a gangster and will grow up to be a criminal.

    In my opinion, music does not determinate your personality at all, it only helps shape it.
    The music you listen to is just what catches your ears.

    People also think they know you by your appearance.
    Most people often think:
    Fat - Eats a lot, never exercises.
    Skinny - Always exercises, very popular, in sports
    Average - Exercises, but is also lazy too., is not in any out of school activity.

    The real possible outcomes:
    "Fat" (Ur not really fat) - Starving, trying to lose fat, most likely found exercising.
    Skinny - Gaming all the time, eats a lot, trys to become average.
    Average - Usually games, but not a lot, does a lot of work/exercise

    Don't judge people because of what they look like, listen to or their appearance. 
    People are really beautiful and not everyone is bad.
    The only thing you should be judging is their actions.
    Bad actions lead to bad personalities and a bad friendship.
    People can be amazing.
    You just have to find it.

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