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Father Wants His Children Back   [9]

FatherVinh    Lv.  13
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    Hiya! (^.^)/ friend me/leave a like. Nyaa~

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    In my honest opinion, even though there are a lot of people who disagree with certain players, I think we should just drop it all. I feel like it gives the game a negative vibe and unfriendly atmosphere and it makes FatherVinh sad.

    There's already enough displeasure in unavoidable bugs when new content is released in the game that I don't think drama with other players, let alone anyone, is helping this beautiful community.

    I don't want anyone to be singled out in any way. Everyone here is another player that I enjoy competing against. Rivalries come hand in hand with competitive games, but that gives another fun aspect to the game.

    If you dislike someone or don't agree with them, ignore them and smack them in Fight Club lel. If you like them, then great! Friend request them and DM them juicy pics ;). Pics of your offense rotation of course. Throw away your frustrations and pride for the community's benefit. A game is meant to be fun, not frusterating :(.

    Personally, this game is one of my biggest outlets from the real world. My stress goes away when I open this app and I hope it continues to do so. I've met a lot of great people that I would gladly meet up and become friends with in person. Heck, I'd travel to meet some of these people if I was able to. I wish that every player would get the same out of this game as I have.

    Hecate's succulent thighs and this community is what makes this game beautiful and brings people together.

    That's just my opinion, however. I just want the community to be the way it was when I first started.


    P.S. Natalia ain't bad either


    • Jujuツ 2017.12.09 13:45
      Hugs, all the hugs. I love you FatherVinh. Player toxicity can’t touch your pure soul.
    • 松倉 2017.12.09 13:47
      Couldn't have said it better myself.
      Conflicts that drag on longer than it should, and publicized as well doesn't help mend wounds, but also damage reputation even outside the game. (Yes, I'm looking at you.)

      On the subject of outlets: the main point I always argue about games in general is that it serves as an esacpe from reality. A way to get a way from responsibilities, even if its only for 10 minutes. Everyone has a way of relieving their daily stress, and anyone that plays Bluestone has the same idea to relieve it: playing video games and having fun with the people you play with.

      I'm pretty sure we can all agree that we all don't want added stress on top of our daily lives (except for the last arena day, then game on!).
    • FatherVinh 2017.12.09 13:53
      Yes, if you don't sweat and cry on the last day of arena, you're not doing it right
    • Kei1001 2017.12.09 14:13
      Thank you father for this! I very much agree! Let us all just have fun :3
    • BonkersRabbid 2017.12.09 14:29
      Well I agree until that fact remains no one comes up saying to me that soemone seems perfect in my face when he is not. Otherwise I am of the same opinion.
    • Jujuツ 2017.12.10 07:49
      Definitely, I can feel your frustration. In the end it’s better to ignore toxicity and not stoop low - it’s not pleasant to encounter such negative experiences, but I’m sure we could enjoy the game and be better off without the antagonism.

      P.S. FatherVinh’s dog is so cute!
    • infinitea 2017.12.10 08:35
    • BonkersRabbid 2017.12.10 08:59
      Yup! the dog is ccute.
    • Sean007 2018.01.27 01:49
      Well said. 8 Thumbs up! (From my exploring team.)

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