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The Rise of the PugNation   [11]

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    Slice of lifes

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    Some of you might have noticed that Fukurama, Lightnova and myself were banned from Nishino's Hallway.

    We don't know the reason.

    Out of nowhere came a message from Nishino that stated: "thats enough" and BOOM BAN...!!!
    I don't know the reason and to be honest i don't want to know it...


    After the events from the last few days and this last unprovoked action from Nishino, i'm done with him...
    I thought I had built some kind of friendship with him, but then this is what I got as return...

    I frankly dedicated a big part of my life to his discord server.

    But fear not! I will not let this stop me, or anyone else dedicated to creating a fun and including community.


    Therefore I announce the rise of PugNation!





    Everyone is welcome here.

    No previous bans from Nishino's hallway will be considered.
    I will add my baby, the ruin-notification again.
    The server will have a similar role system to the one used in the old server.
    I will also try to build a community with a leader who is there for you.

    And hope that a lot of you will rejoin us.


    It will take some time to rebuild everything from scratch...
    I will welcome every help i can find...

    I will write a post when the server is ready...

    My discord ID is KuschiK#3659 if you want to come in touch with me.

    Otherwise just wait till i post some news here or ask in the forum.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this, and we will hopefully see you on our new dedicated Blustone discord server...

    Yours (a the moment a little bit angry about this whole stuff) KuschiK

    • Fukurama 2018.03.11 09:28
    • BloodBornWolf 2018.03.11 09:34
      It's amazing that Nishino made a Discord Server at the fact that when we talked about it, it was my idea and I claimed to start it first. Funny right? Now I think they're a fraud.
    • KuschiK 2018.03.11 09:39
      he already had one for a long time, but after that action of him i want to give it a try myself.
      its just happens that both of our server announcements are at the same time
    • BloodBornWolf 2018.03.11 10:27

      Here's the link
    • Fukurama 2018.03.11 10:03
      What are you trying to say Wolf? What you typed didn't make any sense to me... :/
    • BloodBornWolf 2018.03.11 10:24
      Me, Nishino and a couple of other people were talking about discord and decided that I create one for all of us, but Nishino left our server in the dust like it never existed.. -_-
    • KuschiK 2018.03.11 10:27
      just check the forum
      there are old posts from him and his server
      i dont know what u talked with nishino
      and at this point i dont bother what nishino did
      he cut the contact and thats its for me
    • BloodBornWolf 2018.03.11 10:28
    • BonkersRabbid 2018.03.11 13:31
    • StoneJr2 2018.03.11 15:29
      Anywhere our lord,fukurama go, i will follow
    • UrielSR 2018.03.13 08:34

      im sorry to ear this but i guess this have been due to some reasons I dont personally know. im in the discordd amd ive been happy to met new ruins and pple but im not a very active hunter so i may have missed some things. apart from that, best luck with your new project

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