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Changes to Fight Club   [9]

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    Hi VSpang, 


    I'm making this post about the recent change where the fuel, rupee and challenge tickets are no longer available in the fight store. For me, this was the primary way of replenishing my tickets, as I used to be able to get 4 to 5 of each ticket in about a week. Now that this is removed, the only method I have is to buy fuel and challenge tickets from Estelle's shop and get lucky during cruises for rupee tickets. Is it possible to bring back the tickets back to the fight store or are there going to be new ways to obtain these tickets?


    On the other hand, I'm not too keen on the new items that the game has introduced, namely the "2 star scroll" and the "metron crystal". I guess the 2 star scroll is still reasonable (I rather have a 3 star scroll than a 2 star though) but I feel that the metron crystal is a bit expensive. Could the price be modified a bit? For me, I guess 2 crystals for 1000 would actually be alright.

    • xrogerx 2017.10.03 22:17
      Yea.. Thing so.. Thanks alaiko for said it to me.. <3
    • Maeko暁 2017.10.03 22:53
      I wouldn't mind 1000 for 2 metron crystals. As it is now... expensive for what you get and hard to obtain if you are bad in arena (and or buying traces )
    • Trigg 2017.10.04 03:36
      I disagree about the Metron crystal price. If it was any cheaper everyone would be walking about with T3's too soon.

      I do agree with the exclusion of rupee tickets from the Arena shop. Now, the only way to obtain them is from Expedition Cruises, or select Daily Login days.

      Just my opinion.
    • Pardis 2017.10.04 07:32
      I was talking to Trigg lately. They should have kept the tickets for all kinds on the arena, removed the mid level hunter traces and the mid level materials. 2* scroll is just a points scam, not worth getting plus it's already easy to get from other ways. The metron crystal would make it too powerful for the top arena memes though, since the usual best 10-20 have from 10 to 20k points idling there.
    • Enheim 2017.10.04 08:25
      Gotta say I agree with trigg on this
    • VSpang 2017.10.05 23:54
      Hi all, thank you for your feedback. I will let the developers know about your suggestions and will let you know if they have any comments. Thank you!
    • Xited 2017.10.06 12:20
      i feel that the 2 star traces are sorta useless when we have the missing hunter areas. it should be replaced with coupons or add another line of items where you can put the coupons
    • Eryza 2017.10.06 14:51
      Rupee, Fuel and Challenge droughts will happen more often with the fight club change. Fuel and Challenge is especially nerfed in this case because it depends both on tickets and Rupee, and consider the fact that Rupee tickets are also removed from te list.

      I agree with most points, especially the 2-stars scrolls moreso.

      For early-game to mid-game (if those terms can be applied here) I can understand its purpose, but towards end-game, it doesn't sit right with me. Rotating missing ruins + good amount and odds from trace scrolls already gives us enough 2-Star Hunters to use.

      I personally think that with a higher price, turn it into a 2-3 Star Scroll. It makes the dynamic of risk vs. rewards greater, meaning that the payoff can be significantly good should a player take the risk of paying a high price for the scroll.

      It can be a bir daunting considering that you'might get a 2-Star at an inflated price, but you have the chance of getting a 3-star at a lower price.
    • ChaNdoMav 2017.11.09 00:49
      Hello! How do I use the METRON CRYSTAL? Pls. I keep getting them but dont know where they are stored and what to do with it :(

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