[Notice] Blustone Pre-Release Info

by VSpang posted Feb 22, 2017

Hello BluStone players!
Welcome! You are currently playing an exclusive Early Access version of VisualShower’s latest game, Blustone.

What is Early Access?
VisualShower believes in providing a service that grows by listening to our user feedback instead of a closed service. Therefore, we’ve decided to give limited game access to one special country. We really appreciate the feedback you provide us. As a result, we hope you take advange of the special Early Access period!

What do I need to do?
Don’t overthink it!
Simply play the game, and become a part of our team as we develop and improve our game. What issues have you experienced while playing Blustone? Were there any parts that you really liked? Any opinions you have while playing Blustone will be taken into account in order to improve it! Please feel free to leave any feedback you have. Of course, you’re also welcome to simply play the game!

When will Blustone be officially released?
When the time comes, Blustone’s Early Access service will come to an end and open up as an officially released game. But don’t worry! All of your game history played during the Early Access period will be saved, and you will be able to continue to play after it is officially released. You won’t even need to redownload the app! Simply continue playing once the official version is released.

Thanks in advance for all your feedback and help towards making Blustone a better game.
Thank you!!