New Outfit Idea - Tech Genius Kain

by Katte posted Mar 25, 2019

So, I was thinking about the different outfits available on Blustone and since my favourite Hunter didn't have one, I started brainstorming. I ended up settling on Tech Genius for Kain as it balances him out. By that, I mean his brawn side is Steely Bodyguard whilst his brain side is Tech Genius. When I still had the idea in mind, I decided to digitally draw him in the outfit I had planned. Needless to say, I suck at hair and anatomy. Along with that, I forgot to draw the glasses that I planned. At least I managed to make multiple sprites. Here they are!


I did have a more cheerful sprite planned, but I forgot to draw it. Anyways, along with the sprites, I even made an outfit story! Here it is!

Captain: Oh come on! Work!
Lana: What's wrong Captain?
Tyltyl: You keep punching your laptop.
Captain: It won't work, it keeps coming up with an error.
Tyltyl: How will we fix it?
Kain: Is everything alright?
Captain: Yeah, except my laptop won't start up properly!
Kain: Here, let me have a look.
( He takes a look at Captain's laptop )
Kain: It's corrupted. Don't worry, it should be an easy fix. Give me an hour or so and I'll get it back to you.
Captain: I didn't know you were good with tech! I thought you were all brawn and not much brains.
Kain: Don't judge a book by its cover Captain.
( About three hours later )
Kain: There, the battery life sould last longer now. Don't keep all the apps running at once.
Karl: Thanks Kain. Now I can try and set up a date with Athena!
Kain: Don't go crazy with her!
Karl: I won't!
Captain: My laptop is working better than ever! Thank you Kain.
Kain: No problem Captain. I'm not just a bodyguard, I'm a tech genius.

Before you comment ANYTHING, the crazy thing is Karl going and spoiling Athena too much.

Lastly, I do have three more outfits planned, but I will leave it up to you guys to design them and write the stories. Here are my other three plans.

-Yandere Karl

-Actor Apollon

-Prince Juno

Since Juno is a newer Hunter, he might not need the outfit just yet, but you can design it now if you want. For Karl and Apollon, I think they deserve it, especially Karl. The main reason I chose these four guys is because in my head, I think of them in a little friendship group with Hermes. Since Hermes has an outfit ( which makes him look like an overly buffed boulder, honestly ) why shouldn't the others get one?

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day/night/whatever timezone you are in.