Hmm. Which hunters? (Updated)

by Meiiiiii posted Feb 13, 2018

Basically, I have a lot of 4* hunters that are originally 3*'s and are very good ranging from power of 4,500-7,500.

They are:

Hermes: Level 3.

Lantern: Level MAX (Level 1 Transendance)

Akasha: Level MAX

Karl Stein: Level MAX

Kain: Level MAX

Bibi: Level MAX

I want to get my official line up, I usually see Lantern on top scoreboards for fight-club and I think Octavia is very strong.

At first I wanted my line up to be:

Lantern, Joy, Octavia, Patrone/Natalia, Hermes but I have collected strong hunters too. Please help before it's too late! Thanks a lot! ^w^

(All of their skills 1-4 are level 10 by the way). msn019.gif