Ninja Nerfing of Current Content

by JamesWonG posted May 26, 2017

To the developers:

3 days ago, you removed the ability for players to farm gold level materials required for skill upgrade from the higher stages. What's more, you did it without any notification, perhaps thinking that we would not notice. But here's a message to you developers, we do notice!

Let me put this into context for you since you are Korean:
Korean has the fastest internet connection speeds in the world. What if one day, SKT decided to lower the bandwidth from its normal 5G network to perhaps a 56KB dial-up connection and they do this without prior notice to the consumer. What's more, they did this because they wanted to upgrade the current "5G" network to 6G and this project could take months. What would you do? How would you feel? I bet you would just turn to KTF or LGT for your mobile data plans instead. And how would you feel about SKT? You would label them as being irresponsible for not informing their consumers and not having the foresight to plan ahead because perhaps they could have built a whole new network for the "6G" connection instead.

Now let's get to how this ninja nerf looks like on VisualShowers. It shows you do not really care about your consumer because you just do whatever you want without informing them beforehand. Perhaps the consumer already had plans to farm level 86 to attain required gold materials to skill 50 his skills but now is impeded because you have chosen to remove the entire function at the stage completely. This might have been ok during beta because you are in a testing phase. However, this is already global release. You can't just change the upgrade cost from a 4* hero to a 5* hero from 30K to 60K, or increase the energy cost of some stages from 6-8, or decrease the player's ability to gain gold. All these changes might have been find during beta(because it's the testing phase. However, now that it's global release, you shouldn't change existing features to make things more difficult for the player. If you want to make things more difficult, introduce harder content instead of taking away current content. Besides, isn't this game promoted as being a stress reliever? Do you think such actions on your end are stress-relieving to the player? Do you think if you pull such a stun one more time, will PAYING players choose to stick with the game or leave? You have to understand unlike Korea which has just 3 big telecom companies, the gaming industry is saturated right now and you might want to retain your player base.

This ninja nerf also points to a very blatant truth. You guys have no solid future roadmap planned whatsoever. That is why you are removing the ability to farm gold materials and placing them in the future stages you are releasing instead because you have no idea what to put in them. Well, you could have doubled the ability to get those items in the soon-to-be released stages instead of removing them from the current stages. And if you do lack ideas, I have quite a few of them for you. I don't mind sending you them over Facebook. However, it seems you don't even have the time to answer a simple question of which skills take effect in arena, I don't think you have the time to entertain my ideas so until you do, I'll just keep them to myself.

To VSpang, you have been really nice and helpful so this message is not for you but aimed directly at the unscrupulous actions of the developers. Please convey it to them. Thanks!