Changes after the Blustone 2 update that make the game no longer fun to play

by Vinh_Diesel posted Nov 30, 2018

I wanted to ask if some of these changes will be fixed or revised? Hoping for dev response.


1. That new skill mini-animation. Will there be an option to turn this off? This makes Fight Club, Abyss, and everything else SO SLOW. It takes time off the clock, it lags the frame rate. I find myself purposely NOT using skills just so that I don't have to witness this stupid animation. The animations alone probably at least DOUBLES the playtime required to do the same content as before. This change alone has made it so I do not care to really play anymore. I barely log in since the update since doing my quests has become that much more of a chore. I wont even touch mirage anymore because of this.


2. The daily manda packs removed. Why were these removed? And why is there still a daily quest to collect daily manda? These manda packs made the game much more manageable for players who don't spend as much money on the game. Personally, as someone who has spent A LOT of money on this game, I found them useful as well. For periods of time between hunter release that I didn't need to buy large amounts of manda. In my opinion, the game will LOSE money rather than GAIN more money by removing these packs. 


3. Abyss not allowing you to bring a friends hunter anymore. Why was this removed? Maybe if the silly new skill animation was removed, it would be okay, but now we have an abyss where it takes way longer to complete, along with all other PVE/PVP content. 


I'm surprised I have even whaled as much as I have in this game considering the fact that I think the FC system was always messed up and made no sense. A PVP ladder rank/system should be based on a player's strength and skill, not how many tickets they have. But yet, I enjoyed the game enough still to spend many thousands of dollars. Now the game is so unenjoyable that I wonder if I still want to log in. I think you have a really great game and can still be great if some changes were made. Why "fix" something if it wasn't broken? It makes me wonder if anyone even tests this stuff or gets opinions about it before releasing it. Who thought these changes were a good idea? It's ridiculous.