Nishino's City Discord Community Server

by BreadoSan posted Mar 18, 2018


Hello everybody, BreadoSan here!

Discord link here:


The reasons of why joining is a good idea:
- PRETTY consistent ruin location system for all your needs. 24/7 [ WE HAVE CURRENTLY TRACKED 1000+ FRIENDLY RUINS SINCE GULLVEIG'S EVENT ;) ]
- Really healthy worldwide growing family (200+ members, 20+ online at any moment), will make you feel appreciated from the moment you join :)
- Good place to chill into if the Servers are on a maintenance/unstable state. There is also loads of commands to play around with!
- We will be willing to teach you how to spend your resources and money wisely.
- Very experienced people that have participated in the top 1-50 Fight Club ranks to ask advice for, no matter if you are a beginner, or a veteran!
- Server members are quite learner friendly. The role system is set to properly advice people on their game progress.
- Experienced administrators that do their best to contribute to the stability of the game, and that are open to feedback.
- If you are looking for somewhere to belong (pun intended), this might be your ideal one.

- Currently has the largest, kindest active community in-game. Has managed to unite members from the four main language servers.
- Has people that have taken every single Top Fight Club Rank at least once (From 1 to 10, at least once)
- Most approved, experienced and knowledgeable leadership in the game.
- Holds the most organised team for scouting ruins in-game. You will even hate cooldown for having so many to use!
- Counts with the largest range of T2-T3 Hunters offers for all your excavations needs. From Hermes, to Patrone, to Vincent.

Feel free to tag along!
We're a pretty friendly bunch. Quality assured. ;)
Current owner: Nishino aka Jill-Stingray (this season top 1 rank player in arena).

No downloads are needed, you can simply use the online client version for it and make an account to join.
Please abide by the server rules and everything will be just cool!
* The role assignation will take up to 10 minutes depending on the Administrator available. (Might be delayed during sleep times). If you need permissions, message @Nishino (Nishino#0745) or any of the High Council/Council(s).

We come in peace and we spread love to the community.
Come and join us now!