I'm coming back to scold you.

by BlackGeneral posted May 02, 2018


Give me a screenshot(Full Hd of course) of the new hunters.

(Arley and Heidi)

Screenshot_20180321-092625 (1).png




Help Enllyn with the wiki.Working alone make you crazy.

I know it, I lived it.

Wiki is pain.png

You don't know how lucky you are to have her.

I would give everything to find a girl like her IRL .....



Balian Fates are completed.


Metis' Dance.gif



Nobody have continued the fanArt list hummm.And now people use the Tips section for ask questions....




Participe to the next (if he have one) fanArts contest of AzuraLight.Not for the prize but for the pleasure to create something.

When I was doing my "fanArts" the thing I was thinking was to create something that will make people laugh,
that just for some seconds they will forget their problems.

It's an amazing feeling to make people happy.



Comment the people who do FanArts.

Just a ":) " is good enough you know.

To know that there are people who love what you do is what gives you the strength to continue.

Yeah I'm talking to you the ghosts.



Say to people you appreciate that you like them before it's too late.

I miss Retsu.



-What?You want to know what happened to me since I have leave?

(Newbie)-No, I don't even know who the hell you are.

-Ha...humm yeah...I'm going home then....