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No Christmas Recruitment?   [11]

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    Seriously? Just buying Christmas packages? I was really looking forward to the Christmas recruitment, I have been saving my FC rewards for months... why no Christmas hunters?? I dont understand.
    • papapou 2021.12.24 00:50
      YEAH!!every years there is chrismast hunter pulling banner with their outfitt !!!
      NO SPECIAL EVENT!! Other game a i play doing generous xmast event and your compagny generssity is to create a pay package LoL .
      And your xmast decoration have lasted only 1 day.
      Unbeleivable,i will never recommand this game until you run it propely.
      I realy beleive you are a dead compagny,you get caught by COVID 19
    • Muskrat 2021.12.24 08:24
      We got twice as many decoration days as last year. It filled me with holiday spirit. Would be wonderful to get a second chance at rolling for the holiday twins.

      The Grinch may be stealing Christmas, but the Whos can still be thankful.

      Oh,and regarding Monblast, I don't understand why it wasn't just added into Blustone. Maybe because of bugs? It could have been a nice addition.
    • papapou 2021.12.24 01:01
      I think THE GRINCH have stolen all girft we were suppose to have.

      Hey btw,your game monblast is dead cause you have reacted too late from your mistake.

      And you currently doing same for BS, your reaction so slow that player going away looking for something worty to play....sad,if you need money,sell your great game to new compagny
    • BirdOfHermes 2021.12.24 02:20
      EA or Activision wouldnt even try and pull this scummy of a move. And that's really saying something!

      I was going to try and get Celines outfit this year but no. Vs asked themselves " how can we screw over our players even more this year? "

      Your con artist vs!
    • JLew1415 2021.12.25 02:30
      No recruitment event for several of the Christmas only hunters is ridiculous. You want people to wait another year to get them? This makes no sense. I can’t believe there’s not ANY event going right now. Add to that no special hunter searches in months and I still can’t equip that stupid I’m sorry pet. What’s going on?
    • BirdOfHermes 2021.12.25 09:51
      They'll probably do the same thing next year if this game isnt dead by then.

      They only care about new players now. They buy stuff before they find out that vs only wants money
    • potatolover200 2021.12.25 11:08
      Probably their last ditch attempt to get money from their dying fan base before the game goes up in flames. Sad to see VS pull this scummy money grab but not surprised.
    • JLew1415 2021.12.25 13:38
      Yes it seems that way. It’s too bad I’ve enjoyed this game but can’t say I’ve been happy with the direction they have been going lately.
    • Muskrat 2021.12.26 20:18
      Let's show Blustone some fond kindness during these difficult times.
    • Ziuxy 2021.12.27 22:53
      Pathetic decisions have been made in the last year, I do not know what VS plan is, but definitely the result is not favorable for the players.
      Game have more bugs than before after each update. And the little new content is pure Pay to Obtain. Not to mention that is unpleasant, why is the whole Blitz painted cyan?
      Game crash randomly everywhere..
      I have 13.000 mandas and no banner to spend them..
      80% of my guild mates already quit the game...

      Dear VS, what have you done with the thousands of Euros I spent on this game?
    • BirdOfHermes 2021.12.29 06:26

      They know that since they haven't put ANYTHING new out in how long that we all have saved up FREE manda and they weren't going to make that much money this year so they pulled this bull$#&%!

      They're not as dumb as you'd think they were by looking at this pos of a messed up game!

      Such a scumbag move too and at Christmas! Good job BS. Even if you save this game you'll never get another dime from so many more people now and that makes me happy! :P

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