Perfect Judith ^^ (Almost... XDDD)

by 니시노 posted Sep 02, 2019

Please note: My korean is super bad, all I know right now is my name, so I'll ​thank if anyone tries to translate this beforehand :) XD


Hello korean friends. I was interested to show you a project on which I worked for a very long time, even when I stopped actively playing on Fight Club, this is something I always wanted to finish, and today it's achieved. :D


Please enjoy this post! <3










Now I only need one Mary to have her fates complete. :( But the path is almost finished <3



- LOTS of equipment materials (Don't remember basic and advanced ones, but it was 300+ fire evolution ones for sure. Just as maxing out any other hunter in equipment)

- About 3-4 millions rupees for both jewels and equipment/transcendence completion

- 7000 manda to get her for the first time on release (T1) + another copy + the jewels needed for her.

- 100 dollars for one replica because I did want her so badly lol


Rest of scrolls were from 28th day + this event gave me a lucky pull.


Hope you like this sight just as much as I do ^^