For the health of Blustone's community

by Nishino posted Feb 21, 2018


This is a video you have to watch. It's a strong opinion about a strong topic. Please don't simply ditch out of it, because otherwise you are also contributing to making these issues bigger.


It's for the sake of preserving the nature of this game, the great place it has been to many of us. Be part not of the problem, but the solution.


Sorry for it being in English. I do not speak Korean at all, but still, I wanted to share this with you guys too, as it's something that concerns not only to English, but Korean and Taiwan Communities.


PSA: Currently working in a future Korean translation.


If you feel I have been not polite to you or did anything that could have annoyed you, I also apologize for it, so please take a look in the video and have a watch on these ideas.


- Nishino