FAQ for Beginners / Semi-Experienced

by Zizel posted Dec 22, 2018



I made this for my Guild a long time ago, but I'm consistently keeping it up to date. Released to the public for the purpose of bringing useful knowledge to the player base.


Sorry for using English as the main language of this content. I do not know how to speak Chinese, unfortunately. But I still thought it would be good for you :)


Thanks to all those who have contributed to it. You are the best!


- Contains critical information about:


* Fight Club / PvE compositions


* Transcendence


* Equipment


* Jewels set-ups for hunters


* Others


Hope it is of utility for you :)


I choose to post this content on both the main forum section + tips, so valuable information is not lost.


* View it from a Laptop or Computer, as using a mobile device may not properly show the information displayed


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